I love my
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Before i start anything, I wanna wish this two couples happy 1st anniversary. 050511, 1030pm, the date and time that they be together. They've gone thru many things together, ups and down. Just name it, they've gone thru many things. I'm happy that they still survive till now. Last Lindafir. (':

Hi everyone, how's your Sunday? Great? Mine very the boringggggggggggg! Now at my cousin house at Clementi and now my lilttle brother and my little cousin having their pillow fight, cute right? Hahahahahah! After that, they will do their sit-up. I don't know what to do right now. And ouh, i miss MD, teeheee! Now his working and I'm right now. 

Who's MD? 
270312, 1.19am, the date and time that we're together. I was shocked when he asked that question, i swear. I feel happy whenever he text me up and he makes me smile. I love to see him  smile and laugh, it makes me smile throughout my day. Things may be kinda different, but i will never want to let him off, even a slip. If it ever happens, i won't blame him, maybe we are not meant to be together. Atleast, i was given a chance to get to know him, have his presence in my life and be his friends. That's fine with me, no more no less. I just hope, this relationship would stay as it is, Amin. Hi boyfriend, be fine always. <3

Till then i end; 


When the time comes
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Hi Earths! It's been a long time snince i've update my blog. So let's start it.


People do change, so as me. It's been weird without god brother around right now. Usually, it's always been the 3 of us, now left 2. The time whereby we laugh together and gossip and watching Linda and him slapping game with each other. I'm proud that she is strong to face it. I know it's hard babe, I'm sorry, deeply sorry. Didn't get to say sorry to him, I'm sorry brother. Please be fine brother. Your girlfriend is worried about you and keeps on thinking about you. She miss every moments with you.


If i were to given a chance to say what i wanted to say to you all the while, i would say it to you. Many obstacles that we've been through all this while and i'm happy that, we didn't even lost contact with each other no matter what. I know how much you miss her, please don't deny that dude. But still, i smile no matter what. I see that you miss her. Sometinmes i wonder, do you know that i need you? Do you know how much i treasure this friendship? I'm trying to move on, but i can't. Like what i've told you before, You're One In A Million. I can't say anything much, i can't put too much high hopes nomore. I'm afraid. Still, i hold this friendship strong and smile. ImissyouBonchs <3

I wonder, do you really meant what you say? I need prove from you. But, iloveyoustill. </3

Till here i end. -NurulFarhanaLogan.

Sayang <3

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Hello readers! This video was taken with me and Awesome. we're in bored terms so we make up a video. there's alot more, but i'll just upload this one for now. Enjoy! ^^ <3


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What's past is past, it can't be rewind back how hard I try to.

Hello earth! Since a long since I've update my blog, awwww rinduuuuu ohh ~ hahahahs.

Life been so great for me right now. been having enjoying it and I'm loving my life right now. fcuk to those past I have before because can't been standing here and wait till it returns to me. haven't been coming to school lately, damn fcuk! attendance drop down. due to some reasons for not attending. i know studies is important. i will put in effort for next week and bakcup everything. i've been missing alot of subject and new things that have happen now. damn it! exams are just around the corner and i have to backup myself to come to school regularly.  fasting much is ending soon and Hari Raya is just aroud the corner. Hari Raya,  pleas ebe nice this year because i wanna enjoy it pretty much despite i will be going with new company's this year and new atmosphere. Family, Friends, i' so loving it. <3

Love? What is love? yes, i've move on. i've already tell myself to move on. it's not worth it to keep on waiting for someone which you know he/she won't love you back. i told myself this,"if he meant to be mine, sooner or later he will." i can't be standing here and waiting for your reply. i've already tried my best and this is what i've already did. ignore you and act as if you've already in relationship with someone else which i know you didn't, maybe? you've already move on and you are enjoying your new life right now. your birthday had alrready gone and my wish on your birthday is that, Throw away your ego, that's all. your ego is hurting me too much. with all the hurting wordds was given to me all this while. i've try to endure and pretend there's nothing actually happening around me, and yes i manage to although i fail about a few times. and now, i've already prove to you that i've change. remember what i've told you before? i'll change myself, not for, but for my own good. whatever happens, i will still smile no matter what. -My Past, Still The Best Among The Rest <3

you can't be mine life partner.  it's not that i'm choosy or whatsoever in your mind. you didn't put in effort to text me up. it's always me to be the first one who will text you up every single morning. you didn't show me that you're serious. like today, i told myself not to text you and see whether you will text me up, end up no! didn't even receive any single text from you. i'm sorry, but we can't be more than what in your mind right now. we are only friends, and that's final from me. knowing you was fun, but just as friends ok? -My End.

finding life partner wasn't that easy. i know that. sometimes, i may be jealous looking at sweet couples. but afterall, i think back. why must i search for love when i've once love/admire that someone didn't even put in an effort to it? single or not, it's still the same for me. sometimes, i do miss having my good times with My Past, but to think back, does he even miss it? and i asked myself, am i clapping my own hand? and yes i did! i'm just clapping my own hand while inside his mind is someone else. felt terrible for meddling with his life all this while. i'm sorry Past. that won't happen again.


Now I'm gone
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As time goes by, I just realize that many things change. Surround me, the atmosphere and people. I just wonder, did I make the right move? To think back, yes I did. And now, you're happy with your own life and your future ones. I'm happy to see that you're happy. And from now on, no one will meddle with your life. I'm sorry for every causes that was given in your life with my presence. I know, you don't like someone who types this way. I'm just letting everything out here today.

Jealous isn't that much was given, but ignorance yes. I did tried my best to change, to a better me. But eventually, I fail. I'm sorry. I know that I'm the worst ever person that you've known in your life. Who have been meddling with your life and so on. I know i ain't like other girls. I've once asked you, "Do i change?" and you said no. But after that, you're acting weird towards me. I'm fine with it, because, I've already get use to it. But somehow, trying to control this feelings isn't that easy. I still keep on smiling and act as if nothing is actually happening around me. I stay strong and face it and accept everything with sincere heart. I won't hate you or even regret knowing you. It's not even worth it. For what you've done towards me, thats always a reason why to it. 

You're happy with her, I'm happy for you. As you are doing fine, I'm ok with it. For all the hurtful words was given to me, I'm ok with it. Fighting won't solve anything I know. I give in, and accept it as I'm the one to be blame. Yes, I'm the fire starter to all of our arguments. I'm sorry, I've make a messed in your life. And now, your life won't be a messed anymore. It's gonna be fine as it use to from now on. Last message from me is, Please control your ego. Your laughter, that is what people likes. Your laughter makes people smile and cheer up. Don't get stress too much and pleas don't do stupid stuffs again. As you've already told me you're already stop it. And last but not least, smile always. (:

Your sincerely;


This is not what i expected
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Say whatever you gonna say about  me after this. All i care now is, CHANGES! 

DO you even know what you've type towards me? do you know how shocked am i reading the text that you've gave me? Yes, I may be the fire starter. I'm not dragging this problem. But, in the first place, I was asking you in a nice way. yes, i may pissed you off by asking you that question but i was just asking? not accusing you or text you in a rude way. am i? you know what's the worst that i'm disappointed of? the second last text that you've gave me. if i control, meddle or whatsoever with your life, i'm sorry about it then. i'm just concern and care about you. but if i'm wrong to do that, i'm sorry. i'm just a friend who always care about my friends. if you don't like it and feel as of i meddle with your life, it's ok with me. 

i've already tried to cool down the situation. i've already apologize to you and i've already asked to end this war. i know, it's easy to say sorry and it will repeat again and again. what else should i do? i know, i always pissed you off. i tried not to blow myself up because i know, if i blow up myself and you, yourself is pissed off, nothing will be settle. so i relax myself up. but still, it doesn't works. i know, it takes time. but, till when? till when i have to face this all by myself? throw away your ego, it's hurting me, you know that? this is the worst ever fight we had. and yesterday, i went to your workplace with AwesomeG and her boyfriend. this part is hurting part. you know why? you didn't even look at me. am i invisible? i didn't expect your attention or something but. i'm just speechless with your reaction yesterday.

can we end this war? can we? if you need time, i'll give you. if you need space, i'll give you. but what i want you to remember is that, You will never ever can make me hate you, no matter what. I'm just disappointed in you, that's all. 

Had fun with AwesomeG and her boyfriend on Saturday. We went swimming at Jurong East. Swim here and there and off to her boyfriend cribs, then to AwesomeG place, chill here and there and off home. I love you guys, please? heh! Now, i wanna watch my Assalammualaikum Cinta ^^


Will be M.I.A
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No words could be express how much I miss you guy. (':

Long time didn't update so let's start the story.

So yeah, school re-open but then enter macam starkarat, hahahas. School starts at 8am but i enter at 9am. See, how starkarat I am, hahahs. schools time-table has been shuffle. On Monday,  starts at 8am-530pm, Tuesday 930am-1pm, Wednesday 930am-6pm, Thursday 8am-530pm and Friday 8am-12pm. Adoi! So yea, just now meet AwesomeG and her boyfriend up at her place. Chill here and there and laugh alot. And yeah, tomorrow gonna chill up at Blangla Park. 

You use to rock my world. You use to be there for me when I'm down. You use to cheer me up and give me an encouragement words. But somehow, the atmosphere now is different, totally. No more cheering me up, no more being there for me and giving encouragement words. No more texting up and zombie words. I miss our lame jokes, I miss calling you my Zombie. I miss texting you up with long text. But, whenever I send long text, you will only reply short words. It's not that I'm expecting, because I know that you will only reply that way. But, i will only receive your text when needed only. But don't worry, you are still the same Otty I've known before. Your stubborn-ness is still with you. But whatever it is, You Are Still The Best.

"Move on and find someones else."-someone told me this. If only I could move on, I would. But somehow, I fail, I can't. I just don't know why I can't move on with someone else. There's something in him that I can't forget about him. Whatever happenings around me, it will always reminds me of you, although every single things that happening. For this one whole year, I still keeping this little feelings with me. Yes, I admit, I do be in relationship with someone else before, but I just fail to it. I don't know why, whats the reasons. I just fail to move on. But whatever it is, You Are Still the Best.

I'm not asking much from you as you know that. I do appreciate your presence in my life although it's just a friend to me. I know you have your own choice in relationship. I'm not your type of girl that you wanted because I always make you pissed off. I know that you want someone who doesn't make you pissed off. I respect your decision. Your presence as a friend to me is totally enough for me. I know it's just a friend, nothing big deal. But to me, yes it is! say whatever you wanna say, I don't give a damn to it.

"Tak message your ex-fling?"-someone asked me this question and I was totally blank for the moment and I was asking who? and the person say his name. I was smiling and reply back," No." with a low voice. As long as you are happy, I'm happy for you dearest Friend. (':

I love my AwesomeG no matter how much I have done towards her. I love her so much till I can't bare to lose her. I know that I've cause her much problems all this while and I'm the one who is to be blame for everything. I'm sorry beh, I'm really sorry. AwesomeG, you are my bestest G babeh. I love you truck fucking loads! <3<3<3 


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